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UK Trampoline sales are jumping higher and higher! Few of us can resist bouncing on trampolines.

Outdoor trampolines for gardens as well as indoor trampolines vary in terms of weather protection and size. Where you put your new tampoline dictates the size you buy.

Trampoline height is likely to be the most important aspect especially indoors.. When thinking about how high you want your indoor trampoline, don't look from the floor to the ceiling, look from where the platform of the trampoline will be. Let's say it is 2 feet high and your tallest child is 4 feet tall, that's six feet (not including the dip in the base), so there is only a two feet space before the head connects with the ceiling!

It sounds obvious now, but some people look at an eight-foot high room and think it will be great for the kids to jump up and down.


Generally trampolines come in sizes from mini trampolines then 6 feet to 16 feet, in 2 feet increments, 6' 8', 10', 12', 14', 16' etc.

Look around the intended site of your trampoline, how much clear space is there? Are there any items that can cause harm if fallen on?

Prickly plants, BBQ's, Water features and ponds, Garden ornaments, Rocks and boulders are all potentially dangerous, so focus on the health and safety aspects.
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